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Financial Security:
Managing Money in Tough Times

Low-Cost No-Cost Energy Saving Tips


Forms to help track your spending:

"Where Does Your Money Go?" (expense sheet.)  Note that on these there are 2 columns.  One is for estimating the monthly expenses, and the other is actual.  Start TODAY and jot down what you think you spend!!!  Don't wait!  Start TODAY to save all receipts (in a coffee can?? shoe box??  basket??) and every week sort them by category. (Use the MEM PEACH Sheet to record the actual amounts.)  It is a good practice to see just how close you were to estimating your expenses and the actual amount.  (Note: Keep a small notebook handy to write down expenses that occur and you don't get a receipt.  Laundry.  Vending machines.  School lunches. Etc....)
MEM PEACH Sheet -  You will see that the rows match the categories on the "Where Does Your Money Go?" sheet. There is also a place to jot down income each week to see how the income and expenses compare.
(PEACH stands for "Perfectly Easy Accounting Can for Households" and it is the fun name we have for the coffee can where we put the receipts.)  I think it is important to check the receipt can each week.  Pick a day of the week that works.  (Sunday after supper?  Wednesday after breakfast?  Pick whatever works for you and stay with it.)  Then at the end of each month, figure out the expenses.  The "Other" rows can be for cigarettes, beer, lottery, etc. that really are not addressed in the "Where Does Your Money Go?" sheet. 
Monthly/Yearly Summary sheet.  This is great for seeing how money is spent over time.  Because there are no dates in the far left column, you can start with the current month and take it for a full year.



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